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Do We Need Virtual Tours for Schools?

In a word, YES! Life is busy, especially when you add your children into the mix. Simple tasks such as leaving the house in the morning without any conscious effort change completely once those little bundles of joy enter your world. I miss the days when all I had to concern myself with was grabbing my keys & my phone on the way out the door. A simple task that on occasion still challenged me and proved frustrating unless accompanied by a version of Mr Zips, “Where me Keys, Where me Phone?”  Getting back on topic… choosing the right school for your children is one of the most important parental decisions. Anything that can be done to make that process smoother and easier is a welcome addition.

Make the first visit an online visit

Open days are the traditional way for the school to showcase their facilities to prospective parents and students. Even before the challenges brought about by Covid-19, juggling work schedules so that either or both parents can make a physical visit can be difficult. What happens if one parent can’t make it? What alternatives are there?

Envisage-360 has the technology available to produce a digital twin and virtual walkthrough of any building or space. Making it easy to open the doors to each classroom and common area or step outside and get a 360 view of the playground. Virtual School Tours, just like the one we created for Shottermill Infant School, make it simple for parents to take a tour of the school from the comfort of their own homes. 

Multimedia tags are used to label points of interest and provide a means to download the latest school newsletter or download the school prospectus. The Virtual School Tour itself is simple to embed into a webpage, and appears just in a window just like a YouTube video would.

Does that mean we don’t need physical open days?

Not necessarily, open days still provide a means to connect prospective parents and students with schools for those that can match their schedules with the schools availability. A Virtual School Tour will simply compliment physical open days. Whether they are utilised before an open day to offer a preview or after, to revisit and take a closer look at a certain parts of the school.

What other benefits are there?

In the case of primary and infant schools, open days are often completed by parents while their child is at nursery. In fact, the first time some children see their new school is when they arrive for their first day! 

Wouldn’t it be nice for the children to be able to explore their new school with a parent in the days and weeks leading up to their first day. Giving them the chance to get familiar with their classroom, where to hang their coat and where they go at lunchtime. Our Virtual School Tours can be accessed via mobile, tablet or PC making it easy to take a visit as many times as required to help settle any first day nerves. 

Want to find out more about Our Virtual School Tours? Take a look at the Education Sector page where we explore the benefits a bit further.