Marble Group
Marble Group

Marble Group are a multifaceted company providing a wide range of installation and maintenance services including Electrical, Fire & Security and Plumbing & Heating. Their team are well equipped to handle everything from design & installation to servicing and repair of any plumbing, heating, electrical or fire & security need they encounter.

Project Goals & Outcome
Marble Group

Before choosing a construction partner, wouldn’t it be great to be given a guided tour of one of their recent projects, see the quality of their work and learn about the different products available that you can utilise yourself? Well now you can!

We were initially approached to provide still photography which would be used for a case study of this construction project that the client could have to hand when talking to prospective clients. The aim of the case study was to demonstrate the scope and quality of their previous work. After some discussion we quickly realised that a Virtual Tour would be the best way to demonstrate this to future clients. We used our multimedia tags to integrate product videos, enhanced images and product descriptions as part of the content for this virtual tour.

Without any inconvenience to their previous client, Marble Group can now take prospective clients on a guided tour of this project, discuss the products they installed, provide inspiration for future projects and evidence of the standard of their work.



We're so happy we chose Envisage

I dealt with Envisage 360 to get a 360 degree tour of an electrical installation that our business had just completed. This was greatly beneficial to our business allowing our potential customers to visualise any products they may want installed.

Luke Brett
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