Restaurant 27
Restaurant 27 Southsea

Located in Southsea, Restaurant 27 is Portsmouths only 2 AA Rossette restaurant. Chef Patron Kevin Bingham brings a wealth of experience and sources only the finest ingredients which are used to create his blend of classic gastronomic cuisine with the modern flavours of today. The quality of cooking and front of house service helps set Restaurant 27 apart.

Project Goals & Outcome
Restaurant 27

Restaurant 27 is already one of the highest rated establishments for fine dining in Hampshire but is somewhat tucked on the corner of a residential road in Southsea. The aim of our project was not only to give prospective diners a preview of the dining room but also a look behind the scenes at the kitchen area. We used our bespoke multimedia tags within the tour to highlight some of the special awards the restaurant has received as well as linking directly to the restaurant menu. As a result we created two separate virtual tours to create an in depth look at everything that encompasses Restaurant 27 and provide a boost to the restaurants online presence. The kitchen tour features a time-lapse video we created showing the kitchen in full flow over the course of a five hour evening service

The two virtual tours now receive an average of just over 170 visits a month, providing a consistent stream of reservations for this fine dining establishment.

We're so happy we chose Envisage

“We are delighted with the addition of the two virtual tours that were created by Envisage-360. They have enabled us to showcase our restaurant and have given us a new way to stand out from the competition. Their idea to create a back of house tour of the kitchen area including the time lapse video of one of our evening services, gives our customers an all area pass to the workings of our busy restaurant”.

Kevin – Chef Patron
Restaurant 27
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