Virtual Tours

Show off your space in all its glory. Our virtual tours are designed to engage the user and give them the freedom to explore your space from anywhere at any time and on any device. The unique ‘Dolls House’ is just one of the features that provides a true sense of scale, something that is unachievable with traditional photography.


Google Maps

Want to improve your visibility in google? What better way to promote your business, than by adding your virtual tour to the world’s most popular mapping tool. Our virtual tours are easily converted into 360˚ panorama’s suitable for google street view, without the need for multiple site visits. Start inviting visitors inside, directly from google maps. 


Still Photography

4K print quality photos can be provided from virtually any aspect or viewpoint of your space, once a tour has been completed. In addition, schematic black and white floor plans, can be generated suitable for event planners. Both services are available without the need for multiple visits, saving you time and money, by eliminating visits and fees from additional service providers.


Building Information Management

Virtual tours offer a unique way to catalogue and manage important aspects of your building or space. Our 3D platform provides the most accurate and fastest way to document a building with the highest level of detail. Annotation tags are utilised to highlight everything from power outlets, lighting, fire alarm systems, electrical fuse boards, equipment and machinery. Document repairs, maintenance and training information and reduce on-site visits by sharing your space with maintenance personnel.


Floor Plans & CAD Solutions

To compliment a virtual tour, traditional Schematic, black and white Floor Plans can be produced, including Gross Internal Area in either imperial or metric measures. Scan data collected as part of a virtual tour visit is used to produce the floor plans and can also be exported into third-party programmes, great for architects, engineers and construction professionals.


Aerial Image & Video

Envisage are fully licensed with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to provide commercial aerial drone photography, video, surveying and modelling of your building or venue. Whether it’s for marketing purposes or to allow inspection of hard to access areas, we are on hand to assist and provide the solution.


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