Serenity Holidays – La Citaj
Serenity Holidays – La Citaj Corsica

Available as a holiday let, La Citaj is a beautifully restored old stone house on the outskirts of St Florent on the stunning Med iterranean island of Corsica. The property offers a delightful blend of old and new and has retained many original features including open fireplaces and exposed stonework.

Project Goals & Outcome
Serenity Holidays – La Citaj

For many booking a holiday is one of the single biggest annual expenditures and choosing the place you stay requires a leap of faith from tourists. Corsican Places, aimed to offer an added layer of transparency for their customers by instructing us to complete a fully immersive virtual tour of the building and its grounds. Most holiday listings rely on traditional photography to showcase the property. This limits what can be portrayed to customers and does not provide a true sense of scale and feeling from within a building.

The addition of one of our virtual tours provides a fully immersive and engaging showcase of the property, giving visitors the opportunity to view every part of the property from virtually any aspect before committing to a booking. We implemented our bespoke multimedia tags to highlight all of the facilities within, and present them to visitors in their actual location within the building as they freely navigate around the building, providing a sense of familiarity before arrival.

The virtual tour implemented has given customers an extra layer of confidence to proceed with a booking. When there really is nothing to hide, there really is no reason not to offer this level of transparency and showcase every part of what makes La Citaj such a special property for your next holiday.

We're so happy we chose Envisage

“We were absolutely delighted with the virtual tour delivered by Envisage-360. We were looking for a way to showcase La Citaj in an open and transparent way and give our prospective customers the ability to book with confidence. The Envisage-360 virtual tour delivers on both counts and has become a valuable marketing tool to ensure consistent future bookings for this property.”

Serenity Holidays
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